Pa' Siempre: Cuba Poems, with John Brandi
Tres Chicas Books
New Mexico, 2016
38 poems by Renée Gregorio and John Brandi culled from several trips to the island Of Cuba; 8 drawings by John Brandi. Afterword by the authors. Glossary of Cuban cultural and musical terminology.

Advice to a Traveler to Cuba
The Press at the Palace of the Governors
Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2016
Limited edition beauty produced on handmade Fabriano Umbria paper with cover paper made at Saint-Armand in Montreal. Presswork done by Tom Leech, James Bourland and Caleb Ortega.

Also available from The Press at the Palace of the Governors

Broadsides of these poems: “Fernando, Tobacco Farmer” and “Transforming the Strange”

Snow Falling on Snow
Glass Lyre Press
Glenview, Illinois, 2015
Cover art & inside ink drawings by John Brandi
“These candid and graceful poems form an intimate weave of inner and outer form. In five short lines, they support a multitude of realities: snow, cloud, applause, seed, friend, longing, sex, music, the dead…yet, how light they are! In them, earth-nature and human-nature see eye to eye, heart to heart. These are poems to be received into the body, like breath.” —Anne Valley-Fox

Love & Death: Greatest Hits, with Joan Logghe & Miriam Sagan
Tres Chicas Books
New Mexico, 2011
"As poets with intertwined geographies, friendships, and loves, the events of our lives have been threaded together. The poems show this–the way love and death have been our companions, how much we've fallen in love, how we have mourned the deaths of husbands and lovers together, and how passion has informed our poetry."
–Tres Chicas

Fish Drum, Inc.
New York City, 2010
"Renée Gregorio knows and sees where she is–in her body, her place, herself. She finds courage in navigating the dark of deep waters. It's wisdom when she writes, 'no pressure to be other than what I am.'"
–Joanne Kyger

Road to the Cloud's House: A Chiapas Journal, with John Brandi
The Press at the Palace of the Governors
Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2008
"The text gives insights into contemporary life and culture of Chiapas,Mexico. Brandi and Gregorio weave a word tapestry of people, places,politics, history, color, flavor, smell, sound and spirit. Their choiceof writing in prose is a response to the complex life-ways theyencountered in Chiapas. Returning home to El Rito, New Mexico, the poetsworked individually on the poems, passing them back and forth andencouraging one another to re-experience their journey through poetry."
–The Press at the Palace of the Governors

Selected Poems:

Water Shed: Aikido Tanka
Tres Chicas Books
New Mexico, 2004
"This new collection showcases the poet's parallel practices of the martial art of Aikido and the writing of poetry. Gregorio states in her introduction that the two forms of art have often 'jostled for attention,' and that she has "finally arrived at a place of acceptance regarding the mat (Aikido) and the page (poetry)." Clearly, she belongs to both worlds. This is stunning work that is superbly grounded in deep and thoughtful awareness."
–Jeanie C. Williams

Selected Poems:

The Storm That Tames Us
La Alameda Press
Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1999
Out Of Print
"This is a very personal and beautiful book. It has a quiet yet passionate intensity, richly connected to earth and to the yearning and scary rhythms and rites of true loving. The intimacy is both gentle and unafraid. At heart, The Storm That Tames Us is a hosanna to the ways we can learn to trust each other, no matter what, knowing that the rewards are absolutely golden."
–John Nichols

"Fearless, makes me feel ready for a new skin to emerge."
–Frank Morgan

The Skins of Possible Lives
Blinking Yellow Books
Taos, New Mexico, 1996
"The women in these poems travel from England to New Mexico, take risks, 'enter the current without paddle or boat.' In solitude and in community, Gregorio's women give voice to our twin longings for individual identity and relationship. Gregorio articulates the tangle of our desires in bold and nuanced language."
–Robin Becker


Unmasking the Fire: Bali Journals, with John Brandi
Yoo-Hoo Press, Farmington, NM, 2000

Road to the Cloud's House (people's edition), with John Brandi
La Alameda Press, Albuquerque, NM, 2009

Circling Orgasmic
12th Street Press, Providence, Rhode Island, 1992
Out Of Print

The X Poems
X Press, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1992
Out Of Print

When the Breathing Stops, with Joan Logghe
Yoo-Hoo Press, Farmington, NM, 1995
Out Of Print

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Banner painting by John Brandi