X AT THE THRESHOLD Love & Death: Greatest Hits, with Joan Logghe & Miriam Sagan Renée Gregorio 1 You fall in love with a stranger to become someone else, to take on the body of that voice as your own. Who is it? Who is it? The sound could be a bird's cry. It is so familiar. Sometimes you can hear a voice's echo as much as you can the voice. Go down into the body of that voice, strange and friendly at once, let it cover you, unmask you, give you another shape. Can the original momentum of desire last? 2 There's part of us that knows before language. I speak in the tongue of my ancestors, foreign words, familiar island of hilltowns, tears of my grandfather. I am moving in and out of a myriad of sensations that have to do with space and growth, with the song that is claiming my body. I see myself running ahead and myself in other clothes staying behind. I go back to the original momentum of desire. Kissing: a release from self- definition, self-boundary, entering the wave of the primitive breath. It's a matter of shape. There's more to grow into. A matter of filling. 3 What's lost is childhood, that urgency of play. The voice of that earlier time. I feel healed by that voice, rich and round as a ripe peach. It splits me. The glove of it circles my hand. In it I believe in the salvation of making. The voice as gatekeeper. Here, I try to be neither scattered nor torn, but open to the other voices. I repeat history like repeating a prayer over and over till its heard or answered. ©2011 Renée Gregorio