Contact Renée at or at 505-690- 7626 for an initial coaching conversation or to enquire about sponsoring a workshop in your area.

If you’re interested in working with Renée in a coaching engagement, see for more detailed information.

A bit about coaching

With coaching we would first meet, actually or virtually, and discuss what you want. We’d craft a plan and, throughout our work together, check in with each other to readjust, realign and reconfigure as needed. I listen to your needs and concerns, support your development, offer assessments and provide relevant practices and homework. I am committed to the most powerful expression of your voice and being.

In our work, it is my intention and desire that you find your fullest expression, depth and daring—your distinctive voice. We will use poetry, writing and the principles of aikido and somatics. We will apply the wisdom found in these traditions, and in you, to develop the self through practice. With the lens of a somatic coach, I will help you to see how the body can reveal the self's next direction for growth. I'll work with you to stand stronger and clearer in yourself and experience a rooted sense of belonging.

It is my belief that we are being called to show up in our lives in a wider and deeper way, and to do this we have to practice new ways of being and of being heard. When we are centered and grounded, we are more alive to what's in us and around us, more able to meet what is other than us in a full way, without our own agenda getting in the way. Our seeing opens up. The more we build capacity in our bodies to fully sense and feel experience, the more authentic and powerful we become—and the more we become able to take effective action.

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