THE ANGEL TELLS ME The Storm That Tames Us Renée Gregorio learn to listen with your whole body she tells me and I say I want to be with him till my bones ache she says I think a certain amount of praying will be necessary and I say I want to cut through this like breaking a glass bottle over flagstone and she says be raw in your emotions and I say I long to be living in danger and she says there is another territory between the wild and the rational—live there so I say who has the key? Is it the car mechanic? —my hands gripped tight around his thick waist loving that wiry territory under the hood? and she says you know where your lips are and I say I am ready to burrow in and she says don't fall over into it like shouting down a well and I say already there are too many echoes in me and she says lay a tribute to what's broken and I say I will burn candles next to the shards of glass and she says explore the dimensions of your clashing desires and I say I am afraid to drive through blinding snow and she says the musicality of chance and I say this beginning breaks over me and she says dive fully under the harsh surface of water and I say I have been in shadow too long and she says I am your intimate witness and I say you are the unsounded voice in my head. ©1999 Renée Gregorio