I offer workshops in many environments, for writers and non-writers alike. These have taken place at poetry festivals, monthly workshops in Santa Fe, college English classes, retreat centers and aikido dojos. In these workshops, the central theme is claiming our essential voice.

The premise is that when our voices line up with our deepest care, our wildest humor, our sadness, our longing or our spirited intelligence, we touch what most needs to be expressed. We let who we are spill out in language. Essential voice comes up out of a body-self that is alive and aware. When language, emotion and body are aligned, we tap into this voice. We deliver the best of ourselves.

Participants explore what it is that inspires their most essential voice by engaging in body-awareness and writing practices. By having more access to the source of their expressiveness, participants will come to know the place within from which this voice springs. Body awareness practices focus on developing a centered presence, deepening listening skills, attending to the feeling self, building capacity to more fully sense and feel experience and giving voice to the wisdom of the body. Writing and listening practices develop participants' ability to meet what's outside of themselves with openness and ground, sense the effect one's language has on another and come to know one's essential voice.

Workshops are designed for a wide range of people, including professional or creative writers who want to dive deeper; coaches who want to increase their abilities to use imagination and creativity in their work; leaders who need to hone their speaking or writing abilities; those who want to align their voice with their heart. Participants will come away with newfound ability to speak the heart of what matters, access the voice of directness and express their truth with clarity and power.

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