UNTITLED POEMS Water Shed: Aikido Tanka Renée Gregorio I want to go straight in— if I get the angle right, wrist above elbow, tangle of other and self, you go down so easily. I will not hold on I will not hold onto this idea I have of boundary and self. As all of me falls my lips form new words for what is. all begins with his hand on mine mine on his all moves toward the fall what's encouraged is exchange in this, no enemy I hold my wooden sword in its invisible scabbard poised to take a stand she nears; my sword sees her first all that lives in me comes clear. how does a body fill space? As light fills the corners of an adobe wall, as indigo's luster follows from being pounded I wear its eventual softness do anything you want to me. just do it with both hands. be sure your feet are on the ground and your heart is a full moon. ©2004 Renée Gregorio