THIS SINGING Abyss & Bridge Renée Gregorio nothing but divine movement, says Hafiz, I’m trying to find you— you, the spiral in my blood. I overturn each rock in the garden, looking. Each stone, its own life pulsing in my bare hands. I do not think. I do not think for a minute that any god is watching, but I feel the gods watching. Bees are overtaking the woodbine. Mockingbirds sing the song of the other. Every day, a new seed sprouts. When the wind blows, I hear the voices of my dead. Each stone, its own beauty. I hold the spotted one, the red sandstone, black basalt— each one pressed to my cheek is a universe holding space between heaven and earth. But who is god? —the one inside, the one inside, singing out. ©2021 Renée Gregorio